Vintage 2018.

Julie Trueman - Wednesday, August 22, 2018
Our vintage is now complete with all wine safely in barrel. Each year we cross our fingers and hope that the weather will provide us with favourable growing conditions and 2018 has certainly lived up to expectations.
The fruit set got past the only real concern of the season which was an abnormal weekend starting the 10th of November where Red Hill received over 100mm of rain. This did cause some disease across the Mornington Peninsula but luckily it didn't affect our vineyard and we finished with exceptional fruit. With such a strong growing season we were busy controlling the canopy with regular hedging and fruit thinning which were vital tasks to make sure the fruit was of the highest quality.
Summer saw sustained moderate temperatures but not many 40+ degree days which was perfect for intense and complex fruit flavour development. Vintage was an intense, short whirlwind. Managing the Pinot Noir clones, which ripen at different rates, is always a juggling act but with the support of our amazing friends and family we always find a way to bring our bundles of joy in when they are ready.  

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